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Cartier Ballon Blanc

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Ballon Blanc de Cartier: Sparkling diamonds meet innovative technology

If you want to experience the true luxury of Maison Cartier, you will find it in the Cartier Ballon Blanc watch collection for women. With a case made of 18-carat red or rose gold, a unique quartz movement and other exclusive features, models from this French jewellery and watch company really do impress. Discover for yourself how quality, tradition and luxury combine to create a watch that is second to none.

The series of Cartier Ballon Blanc jewellery watches is just one of the timeless creations of the House of Cartier. They combine feminine elegance with exclusive features that never fail to draw attention. The casings of the models in the series are crafted from the finest 18-carat red or rose gold and house a precision quartz movement. A brilliant-cut diamond is embedded at 4 o'clock.

With housing dimensions between 24mm and 30mm, the Cartier Ballon Blanc watch is particularly slimline, nestling gracefully on the wearer's wrist. Depending on the model, there is a flinqué mother-of-pearl dial or a silver-plated sunburst dial lying under the high-quality sapphire crystal glass. The sword-shaped hands in gold or blued-steel provide an incomparable finish to the elegant Ballon Blanc de Cartier collection.

Cartier Ballon Blanc: timeless yet contemporary

The name 'Ballon' given to this famous watch model from the French jeweller not only refers to the round and slightly curved case of the luxury watch but also to the fact that the models in this series are considered the feminine counterparts to the Ballon Bleu de Cartier collection. As the name suggests, these captivate with a characteristic 'blue balloon' formed from a blue sapphire cabochon which sits on the crown. This feature is found in an elegantly modified form in the women's watches of the Ballon Blanc de Cartier collection: instead of an embellished winding crown, the motif of the balloon is taken up by the brilliant-cut diamond embedded at 4 o'clock. 'Blanc' here means nothing less than the incomparable radiance of this precious gem. Such an elegant design can only be combined with an equally luxurious bracelet.

Cartier Ballon Blanc models are finished with shapely bracelets made from the finest alligator leather or, optionally, 18-carat gold and set with diamonds. On some models, the pin clasp is also made from the finest red or rose gold. Unlike the famous Cartier Tank collection from 1917 which came with a solid strap, watches in the Ballon Blanc de Cartier range captivate with their soft and delicate appearance. The indices on these stylish classics are formed as Roman numerals. With its quartz movement, each Ballon Blanc de Cartier model is an accurate timepiece. Unlike mechanical watches, the deviation rate of quartz watches is only a few seconds per month. The energy source is a small battery, the clock generator is a small quartz crystal that regulates the energy supply: quartz and battery are connected to each other in such a way that they throttle the impulses to the gear train and set the pointers in motion.


Combining jewellery with watchmaking

When Louis-Francois Cartier opened his master's jewellery studio in Paris in 1847 it was the start of a success story that still recognises the Cartier name as a symbol of pure luxury. Shortly after the company was founded, the handmade jewellery was chosen by the French royal family. This made Cartier the man of the hour. The company grew rapidly until, with the entry of Louis-Francois' son, the manufacture of watches became a permanent feature of Cartier. Well over 100 years of genuine traditional craftsmanship meets a tireless ambition to blend the classics with the latest technology. This has led to collections such as the Ballon Blanc de Cartier for women.

Cartier Ballon Blanc prices: buy new or used from CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT, we are not only experts on the Cartier Ballon Blanc collection and the label's other models but also on the work of other renowned luxury watch brands. Before a watch appears in our online shop, it goes through our in-house master workshop. Only the best talents work here. This means you can rely on 100% quality and authenticity for the 10,000 models or so available from us. Every watch from our ranges, whether new or used, comes with a CHRONEXT certificate and a 24-month warranty. A perfect service for perfect watches.