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Sinn U1

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Sinn U1 Watches: A miracle in steel

The Sinn U1 is a very special design from Sinn Spezialuhren. With this diving watch, the company has taken robustness and resilience to a fine art. As a result, Sinn U1 watches are a consistently reliable companion even on the most demanding of adventures.

In its search for the perfect material for the Sinn U1 diving watch, the firm turned to ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems. In a unique collaboration across disciplines, these renowned specialists in marine technology provided Sinn with a rare, high quality steel that is used to make the exteriors of the latest cutting edge submarines. This special steel grade is known for its enormous strength and resistance to the corrosive effects of sea water. And not only that, it's non-magnetic and rust proof too. All of which makes it the ideal raw material for Sinn Spezialuhren's high performance diving watches.

Sinn U1

Good option for deep diving and dry land

As well as a case made of submarine steel, Sinn U1 models have a dial that is protected by sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on both sides. The rotating bezel is ultra scratch-resistant thanks to TEGIMENT technology, and it's solidly attached to the middle section of the housing. This prevents the rotating ring from jumping off even under extreme pressure. In a subtle design tweak, the crown is not at 3 O'clock, as with most watch models, but at 4 O'clock.

The models in the Sinn U1 series are water-resistant to a depth of 1,000 meters. Furthermore, Sinn was the first specialist watch manufacturer to have its timepieces tested and certified according to the European diving standard. Accordingly, the series' pressure resistance and anti-fogging properties have both been thoroughly authenticated.

A wide range of functions in a dynamic, sporty design

In addition to the time, the Sinn U1 also displays the date. With a diameter of 44 mm and a 22 mm lug width, it sits comfortably and in perfect balance on the wrist. The dial markers are delineated with luminescent paint, so that the time is easily legible in the dark.

Diving watches in the Sinn U1 series come with a strap made of leather, stainless steel or silicone. Alternatively, you have the option of a dual strap system for additional Sinn watches or an Apple Watch. A wide range of colour options means that you can fine tune your selection according to your tastes.

Among the variants on offer, one particular standout is the Sinn U1 Camouflage. The presence of a camouflage design on the dial reinforces the military-style ruggedness of the Sinn U1 series. Meanwhile, the bright blue dial and matching bracelet of the Sinn U1 B diver's watch evokes the beauty of the sea with a suitably breezy charm.

Large family of speciality watches

Founded by pilot and flight instructor Helmut Sinn, the company decided early on to focus on making watches for specialist uses and extreme conditions. Initially, this meant flight and diving watches. Before long, precise timekeepers with a stop function for the police and armed forces followed. In 1985, a Sinn specialist watch was even used in space. It proved that the company's timepieces were reliable even in zero gravity.

Over the course of time, new innovations such as HYDRO technology and Ar drying technology were introduced. These humidity reducing technologies keep the company's watches working perfectly and tarnish-free even during extreme temperature fluctuations.

In 1994, after none of the founder's descendants wanted to continue running the company, Lothar Schmidt took over the business from Sinn Spezialuhren. Thankfully, the transition was very smooth; in fact, the new managing director has worked to promote Sinn Spezialuhren into the premier league of luxury watches.

Easy and secure

Order the Sinn U1 and other specialist watches from CHRONEXT

With new and pre-owned models available, our online store has a range of Sinn U1 price options. All Sinn Spezialuhren watches are carefully checked by our master workshop to make sure that they're totally genuine and functioning perfectly. Only when a timepiece meets our rigorously high standards does it receive our CHRONEXT certificate with a 24 month warranty.