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Hublot King Power

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Hublot King Power: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Hublot King Power

Ever since its foundation, Hublot has stood for a sportive character, exclusivity, and excellent watchmaking workmanship. The Hublot King Power not only embodies the brand’s philosophy, it is also one of its most coveted watches worldwide. Its bold design and fascinating mechanics make it difficult to overlook.

Impossible to overlook

The Hublot King Power


The King Power collection represents a more powerful and eye-catching extension of the Hublot Big Bang line. These chronographs possess intricate dials comprised of several layers, lending them a very distinctive appearance.

The watches of the King Power line follow a concept of extraordinary case size: The impressive diameter of 48mm is considered a characteristic trait of the King Power line and renders it a highly popular men’s watch. The Hublot King Power constitutes a first-class sports watch with a luxurious and striking design, ensuring a bold statement on every wrist.

In order to meet the preferences of clientele, Hublot offers a seemingly endless selection of models, special editions, and extravagant styles. A range of high-quality case materials indulges any demand: rose gold, black ceramics, zirconium, platinum, or titanium. Every model also possesses its own distinct character that never ceases to delight.

Hublot King Power

The Hublot King Power easily convinces with its design as well as its features. The King Power wristbands are made from vulcanised natural rubber with fine, horizontal lines – they are the first natural rubber watch bracelets in the history of Haute Horlogerie.

The striking design is what really renders the Hublot King Power unique and considerably increases its recognition value. Based on the legendary porthole design of the Hublot Big Bang, the King Power models stand out with strong edges, straight flanks, and relief-like screws.

The 48mm case was created in 2010 specifically for the in-house calibre Unico. It is the first movement manufactured by Hublot and, therefore, represents an important milestone in the history of the company. The Unico consists of 330 components and has been equipped with a flyback chronograph since the very beginning. It also features a date display.

Throughout the years, the Unico has been manufactured with a number of additional functions, including a GMT display and the patented bi-retrograde chronograph display.

The King Power

A diverse palette of popular wristwatches

The Hublot King Power models have managed to achieve the perfect fusion of sportive luxury. Whether comprised of carbon, rubber, gold, diamonds or numerous other exquisite materials, these popular timepieces prove to be extremely versatile and can easily be matched with any preference.

For those who enjoy the interplay of titanium and rubber, for example, the King Power Unico Titanium (Ref. 701.NX.0170.RX) is sure to delight. The King Power Unico Black Magic (Ref. 701.CI.0170.RX) presents itself entirely in elegant and sportive black. The Hublot King Power Unico All Carbon (Ref. 701.QX.1040.RX) and King Power Unico King Gold Carbon (Ref.701.OQ.0180.RX) share the groundbreaking material they are made of: carbon, which is the frontrunner among innovative materials.

Other models compel with their monumental design: the Big Bang King Power Oceanographic 1000 (Ref. 732.NX.1127.RX), which is a dive watch, and the King Power Unico GMT Ceramic (Ref. 771.CI.1170.RX).

The Hublot King Power and the world of sports

Maradona, Alinghi, Dwayne Wade, Bayern Munich, and Black Mamba

Hublot can look back on a series of collaborations with the world of sports: For instance, the mechanical King Power Diego Maradona (Ref. 716.CI.1129.RX.DMA11) is dedicated to the brand’s ambassador, Diego Maradona. In 2010, Hublot launched the special edition King Power Alinghi (Ref. 731.QX.1140.NR.AGI12), as a celebration of the eponymous Swiss yacht. The Alinghi yacht won the America’s Cup sailing regatta in 2003 and was the very first European ship to do so.

Hublot has also dedicated watches to the world of basketball. In 2012, the Hublot Big Bang King Power Dwyane Wade (Ref. 703.CI.1123.VR.DWD11), which was limited to 200 units, managed to simultaneously pay tribute to the Miami Heat team, the sport of basketball, and the player Dwyane Wade. The watch embodies the versatility that is characteristic of Dwyane Wade.

FC Bayern Munich is also one of Hublot’s partners. The King Power Bayern Munich (Ref. 716.NX.1129.RX.BYM12) was introduced in 2012. Its dial is designed in the colours of the German record champion team. In November 2014, the King Power Black Mamba (Ref. 748.CI.1119.PR.KOB13) was launched in cooperation with the basketball player and brand ambassador Kobe Bryant – a special edition in association with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Hublot King Power

A true luxury sports watch

Celebrities and world athletes appreciate the Hublot King Power. Baseball superstar Alex Rodriguez sports a Hublot: the King Power Black Magic (Ref. 709.CI.1770.RX). So does the fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, who can take pride in a Hublot model specifically dedicated to him: the King Power Usain Bolt (Ref. 703.CI.1129.NR.USB12).

In addition, the King Power Paris Saint-Germain (Ref. 716.CI.0123.RX.PSG14) points towards the cooperation between Hublot and the popular French team: the indices and hands of the watch bear the colours of the club.

The model King Power Special One (Ref. 701.NQ.0137.GR.SP014) represents an homage to the famous football coach José Mourinho, who is also known as “The Special One”. José Mourinho thus counts as one of Hublot’s prestigious brand ambassadors. An especially impressive feature of this particular Hublot model is the use of blue carbon fibre, which is the result of a completely new technical procedure. After the colour is added to the carbon fibre in a mould, compression enables it to bind with the material.

Once again, the Hublot King Power demonstrates uniqueness: The watch manages to combine sportive design, exquisite workmanship, and innovative technology like never seen before.