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Rolex GMT-Master

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Rolex GMT-Master II: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Rolex GMT-Master I and GMT-Master II

Those who travel the world often have to keep an eye on a number of time zones. Originally developed for pilots, the Rolex GMT-Master has enjoyed increasing popularity with all those who travel frequently and cross time zones regularly.The timepiece has become a favourite when it comes to the world of watch enthusiasts.

Rolex GMT-Master

A world classic by Rolex


The bold design of the GMT-Master II, as well as its predecessor, the GMT-Master, can be recognized instantly and will quite simply never go out-of-date.

The GMT-Master II is the ideal watch for all frequent flyers and is befitting for any occasion - whether accompanying a business look or worn during times of leisure, a Rolex GMT-Master II is always a winner.

The characteristic feature of the Rolex GMT-Master II is inevitably the rotatable 24-hour bezel, which in most models, is available in two-tones. The striking design has won the hearts of many famous personalities: the GMT-Master was worn by Che Guevara, Pablo Picasso, Hunter S. Thompson, as well as Pussy Galore - the renowned James Bond Girl, whose name stands for the GMT-Master with the Ref. 6542 in collectors’ circles.

Rolex GMT-Master

The Rolex GMT-Master originated in the age of transcontinental flights.

During the 1950’s, airplanes began crossing several time zones within a short period of time. As a result, the need for a watch that enabled its wearer to keep an eye on concurrent time zones arose. Back then, it was the pilots who primarily needed to know the time for both departure and destination airports. Thus, Rolex launched the GMT-Master (Ref. 6542) in 1954, and from day one, it was the official wristwatch on board Pan Am flights. Some experts claim that the characteristic red and blue bezel was inspired by the colours of the legendary airline. For most, however, the colours of the so-called Pepsi-bezel represent the difference between day and night.

The GMT-Master has been a great success since the very beginning. To this day, the striking wristwatch enjoys great popularity not only among pilots, but among worldwide watch enthusiasts, business travellers, and collectors.

GMT-Master I and GMT-Master II

The difference is in the details

In 1985, Rolex presented the new GMT-Master II. Among other things, new characteristics of the Ref. 16760 included the sapphire crystal and the black and red bezel. Additionally, the new GMT-Master allowed wearers to keep track of three time zones simultaneously since the new movement calibre 3085 permitted the independent adjustment of the twelve-hour hand.

For a period of time, both the GMT-Master and the GMT-Master II were part of the Rolex collection. Rolex regularly updated the product line with innovations and new colour combinations: bezels in black with yellow gold (Ref. 16713), black with white gold, (Ref. 116710) and also in the two-toned blue and black designs (Ref. 116710BLNR), which can now be found on the second-hand market.

Today, Rolex exclusively manufactures the GMT-Master II. The distinctive men’s watch stays true to the sporty elegant style of the GMT-Master line.

Beautiful in form and function

Time for style with the Rolex GMT-Master II

As with any Rolex watch, the Rolex GMT-Master II sports some special features that distinguish the watch from others. The famous Rolex model is equipped with an Oyster case that is waterproof to 100 metres. The watch is also fitted with a Perpetual movement with a self-winding mechanism.

The typical three-piece Oyster bracelet with flat links creates an aesthetically appealing image while guaranteeing high comfort wearability. The GMT-Master II is currently available in stainless steel, yellow gold, white gold, as well as a combination of yellow gold and stainless steel. In 2005, Rolex presented the first GMT-Master II with a Cerachrom bezel. The Cerachrom bezel results in a more robust and scratch proof watch, as compared to earlier versions of the timepiece that were made out of aluminum. Currently, Rolex sells the GMT-Master II in black, black and blue (Ref. 116710LN and Ref. 116710BLNR), or red and blue ceramic bezels (Ref. 116719BLRO).

A price overview

GMT-Master I and GMT-Master II

The current Rolex GMT-Master II watches are equipped with a patented Cerachrom bezel. Cerachrom is a special ceramic material that provides the distinctive GMT-bezel with robustness and allows the watch to be scratch proof. This newly-acquired robustness comes at a price: the Cerachrom models are evidently more costly than their predecessors. Those who can do without the ceramic bezel however, can opt for a used or new GMT-Master II with an aluminium bezel (e.g. Ref. 16700).

The GMT-Master II as well as its GMT-Master predecessor enjoy cult-status among Rolex aficionados. Currently, valuable discoveries can be found on the second-hand market when it comes to the GMT-Master product line. Numerous collectors are in quest for rare colour combinations. But for many, the GMT-Master with the Ref. 1675 opens up the door to the exquisite world of vintage Rolex watches. This model, presented in 1959, is not particularly hard to find on the second-hand market and delights with comparatively smaller prices.

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Sell your Rolex GMT-Master I or II with CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT you can not only buy new, used and vintage Rolex GMT-Master models, but also sell them. If you are interested in selling, or would like to take advantage of the trade-in option when buying a new watch, contact our experienced team by phone or email. We will be happy to assist you with our many years of experience and help you get the best possible price for your Rolex GMT-Master I or II. Alternatively, you can simply fill out our online form.