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Cartier Pasha

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Cartier Pasha: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Cartier Pasha

Louis Cartier created the very first Cartier Pasha in 1932 for the Sultan of Marrakech. It was one of the very first water-resistant watches to be invented. The timepiece is characterised by its simple elegance and circular dial that features four digits. For decades, the Cartier Pasha was continuously reinterpreted and has now become a highly sought-after classic.

Cartier Pasha since 1932

Classic elegance enclosed in a waterproof casing

The inventive Louis Cartier created the classic Pasha watch in 1932. It is considered to be the first waterproof timepiece from Cartier. It was at the request of the Sultan of Marrakech – a ruler named Pasha – that the watch was manufactured. The Sultan wanted to be able to wear his wristwatch at all times without having to worry about its functionality or precision – even whilst bathing.

In 1943, the timepiece was introduced into the official Cartier collection. The watch was waterproof and equipped with a screw-down crown cap, which was attached to the case by a small chain. In addition, a guard is placed over the glass of the watch. These two distinctive elements can still be found in many new and used Pasha watch models. Throughout the years, a number of models under the name Pasha de Cartier have been presented, and, as a result, an overwhelming selection of new and used Pasha timepieces can be discovered today.

In 1985, the legendary watch designer Gérald Genta designed a version of the Cartier Pasha whose form is still celebrated to this day. From the sumptuous Pasha de Cartier timepieces to the legendary Miss Pasha collection: striking at the centre of each Pasha de Cartier is the classic round shape of the dial and the protruding sapphire crown. Today, the original Cartier Pasha from 1943 serves as inspiration for the current ladies Pasha de Cartier collection. In addition, Cartier launched the Cartier Pasha C (e.g. Ref. W31058M7) in 1995. All watches of the Cartier Pasha collection – whether new or used – convince with fine craftsmanship and an enticing history.

Cartier Pasha

An inspirational collection

Over the decades, Cartier has launched several timepieces that have been influenced by the original model from the Pasha line. Both men’s and women’s watches that carry the Pasha name can certainly be discovered: These models are reminiscent of the original watch from 1932 but feature several innovative mechanisms and enhancements.

During the 1980s, Cartier turned to their time-tested design capabilities and created a colourful collection of trendy women’s watches with the playful name of Miss Pasha. These models feature the characteristic round dial known of the watch manufacturer; yet bring a fresh ambience to the traditional collection. Equipped with a quartz movement, they are practical and stylish companions for everyday life.

Other Cartier creations have also been known to mingle with the design language of the Pasha. The current Pasha C (e.g. Ref. W31074M7) is an elegant ladies’ watch that is comprised of steel and comes equipped with a round 35-millimeter dial. The noble Pasha Skeleton pays tribute to the unique 1943 model: the original timepiece is listed at approximately 100,000 EUR and also comes equipped with a small chain attached to the crown. The tradition of hand-made watches is demonstrated in the noble ladies’ watches.

Second-hand Cartier Pasha Watches

Masters of time

Some Pasha watch collections including the elegant ladies Miss Pasha watch (e.g. Ref. W3140008) can only be discovered on the second­-hand market. A pre-owned Cartier Miss Pasha simply delights with quality materials and first class workmanship that will be passed on for many years to come.

The Cartier Pasha Seatimer (Ref. W31080M7) and the Cartier Pasha Seatimer Chronograph (Ref. W31088U2) are luxurious men’s watches created by the Geneva-based manufacturer. They are reminiscent models of the Cartier Pasha with a newly interpreted and modern design. The timepieces can exclusively be found on the second-hand market.

Stylish and exclusive

The effect of the Cartier Pasha on enchanted celebrities

Thanks to the extraordinary design of the timepiece, the Cartier Pasha is admired and highly sought-out by celebrities. The actress and prominent fashion icon Ashley Olsen simply enjoys adorning her wrist with the Pasha Seatimer. The actress Amanda Bynes also sports the Cartier Pasha C and combines the classic timepiece with her individual style.

Furthermore, boxing legend Mike Tyson swears by the precision and elegance of the Cartier Pasha and has been spotted wearing his model during an autograph signing session. The Cartier Pasha also blends in beautifully on the red carpet. Artist and watch connoisseur John Mayer has been witnessed enhancing his casual-cool leather ensembles with an eye-catcher from Cartier.