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Cartier Tank

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Cartier Tank: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Cartier Tank

Cartier Tank – a true legend in the world of luxury watches. With a rectangular shape, the classic timepiece finds inspiration in the form of military tanks – an element that is evidently reflected in the name of the model. In 1917, the Cartier Tank was launched and quickly found its habitat around the wrists of the influential. It is now considered one of the most important and highly recognised watch models worldwide.

Cartier Tank

Simple & straightforward

The birth of a legend: Louis Cartier designed the timelessly elegant Tank in 1917 and the official model was introduced to the world a short two years later. As a true icon, the Tank unlocked a new chapter in the history of watchmaking and made an important contribution to the development of rare and unusual watch designs.

Louis Cartier – the grandson of the famous founder and Parisian jeweller – drew his inspiration for the Tank from war machines. As a result, the successful Tank model is reminiscent of the armour utilised in the First World War. The first prototype of the model was presented to the American general Pershing as gratitude for the liberation of France. The Tank was highly cherished by Pershing, and in a short time, the awareness of the watch, as well as the demand for the watch, soared.

The design of the Tank perfectly reflected the zeitgeist: The rectangular shape, the clean lines, the distinctive lugs, and the leather bracelet correspond to the Art Deco influence of the era. The dial of the watch is enhanced with blue steel hands and elongated Roman numeral markers. The sapphire cabochon, which is now a hallmark of Cartier timepieces, incorporates a refined colour accent on the crown of the watch. Then, the timepiece was fashionable. Today, it is simply timeless. For decades, the Cartier Tank has proven a timepiece that exceeds the fashion of the times. Regardless of gender, age, style, or occasion, the Cartier Tank is always distinctive and luxurious.

Cartier Tank

The first choice of the First Lady

There are only a handful of watch models that hold the same prominent status as the Cartier Tank. Thanks to a timeless and universal design, the exquisite timepiece has found its way onto the wrists of First Ladies, rock stars, and Hollywood celebrities. The list of outstanding Cartier Tank clientele is outstandingly long, among them being Jackie Kennedy Onasis – also well known as the distinctive style icon, Jacki-O, and an individual who influenced the style choices of all subsequent First Ladies.

It comes as no surprise then that Michelle Obama also adorns a Cartier Tank around her wrist. Furthermore, the British Queen of Hearts, Lady D, ensures that the Cartier Tank is a companion that never leaves her side.

The Cartier Tank is a true star in Hollywood. Actress and style icon Audrey Hepburn regularly exuded a classical feel with the Cartier Tank strapped around her wrist. Angelina Jolie is often photographed with a Cartier Tank Française (Ref. W51008Q3). Among famous gents sporting the elegant Cartier Tank are Steve McQueen and Warren Beatty.

For decades, the Cartier Tank has found fans among all ages and genders. It is a continually stylish companion that never fails to impress in every situation.

Never Stop Tank

Watch models with irresistible charm

True to the motto “Never Stop Tank”, the Cartier Tank – which was launched in 1919 – has never stopped growing and developing for both men and women alike. At the time of its release, the Tank collection inspired with a high degree of creativity and quality craftsmanship. The simple design of the watch has been preserved throughout the years, and the classic timepiece remains a traditional classic that exudes a feeling of true luxury.

Tank Louis Cartier

Among all the versions of the Tank, the Tank Louis Cartier falls closest in design to that of the original 1920s model, and is therefore honoured with the name Louis – the genius behind the design of the timepiece. The simple elegant shape of the Tank Louis Cartier collection skillfully reflects the spirit of the entire collection. To further emphasise the distinct status of this model, the Cartier Tank Louis Cartier is only manufactured in yellow gold or white gold. Most models are also equipped with a robust but lightweight hand wound movement. A special tour de force is the Tank Louis Cartier with a transparent case, which is optionally available in yellow gold (Ref. WHTA0002) or white gold (Ref. W5310012). The listing price for the classic and luxurious timepieces amounts to approximately 50,000 Euros.

The Tank Américaine

The Tank Américaine gained admiration as a classic women's watch after its presentation in 1989. Hallmark features of the watch include an elongated case with a more pronounced curve compared to the original model. Chic and elegant, the distinctly casual design of the watch perfectly corresponds to the classic American style, which is evidently emphasised by the model name. Exclusive complications such as a chronograph, tourbillon, or moon phase are easily housed in the Tank Américaine thanks to the generously sized case of the timepiece. A highlight of the collection is the Tank Américaine Tourbillon Volant (Ref. W2620008), which was launched in 2008. The timepiece is powered by the celebrated 9452 MC movement and comes equipped with a flying tourbillon complication. Furthermore, the watch is stamped and certified with the prestigious Geneva Seal.

Cartier Tank Française (Ref. W51008Q3)

Cartier presented a refreshingly new model in 1996: the Cartier Tank Française. With a dramatic sharp-edged case, the Tank Française exudes a heightened sense of extravagance compared to its predecessors. Ladies watch or men’s watch – the collection provides a wide variety of material combinations in steel, yellow, and red gold. Furthermore, the timepiece is equipped with automatic or quartz movements. The model has continually been in production for about 20 years and is still in high demand today.

Cartier Tank Anglaise

Cartier presented a new version of the Tank in 2012: the Tank Anglaise. The Tank Anglaise (e.g. Ref. W5100) embodies the strongest legacy in relation to the original model but is reinterpreted with fresh and modern lines and an overall streamlined design. The crown of the watch is hidden within the edge of the watch case, providing protection and an overall symmetry to the timepiece. The shape of the watch is simplistic with straight lines and a compact design. The Tank Anglaise is available in three sizes, which are appealing for both men and women alike. Whether comprised of luxurious steel or rich leather, the variations of the Tank Anglaise seem to be endless.

Cartier Tank Solo

The Tank Solo continues to write the history of the Tank with style and precision. Modern and simple – the watch emphasises the elegant and refined design that Tank timepieces have come to be known for. However, the Tank Solo is versatile and impresses with many distinct features of its own. Equipped with a stable quartz movement, the Tank solo can be acquired in various sizes for both men and women. Each Tank Solo creation simply tempts with each further glance at the wrist.

Cartier Tank MC

Legendary design meets fine watchmaking: The Tank MC allows for the unification of innovation and tradition. The model is just right for lovers of technology who appreciate the established significance of the Cartier name. Driving the watch is the Cartier designed and manufactured 1904 MC automatic movement. The finesse of the movement can easily be admired through the transparent sapphire crystal case back of the watch. The collection offers a variety of models in steel, yellow gold or rose gold. A further highlight of the collection is the exquisite models that incorporate a palladium case and a skeletonized movement.