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Sinn Pre-Owned Watches

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Made in Germany: Watches from Sinn

Sinn watches have featured among Germany's most renowned creations since the brand was founded in 1961. Today, they are appreciated across the globe. Alongside special watches for professional use, the company also produces wristwatches suitable for everyday use with a focus on the unique interplay between technical excellence and maximum robustness. Thanks to our high quality standards, you will enjoy your purchases of Sinn pre-owned watches for decades.

See used Sinn watches at CHRONEXT. Discover these unique mechanical watches from Germany now.

Robust, precise & distinctive: The Sinn Top 3 Bestsellers

1st – Sinn 104 St Sa

The Sinn 104 St Sa is an excellent illustration of the company's philosophy. The clean, structured design is characterised by a simple, functional dial with three hands. This allows the time, date and day of the week to be read at a glance. One of the classic pilot's watches, the 104 St Sa is highly valued throughout the aviation industry. Depending on the reference number, you might obtain Sinn 104 pre-owned watches for under £900: The Sinn 104 St Sa used watch, for example.

2nd – Sinn 556 I

Sporty and elegant, the coveted Sinn 556 I sports watch is closely related to the German company’s aviation and navigation watches. Its striking shape and reduced dial ensure clarity of design and optimise the readability of the hours, minutes and seconds. The fascinating sapphire crystal back through which you can admire the inner workings of this masterpiece of mechanical watches is particularly noteworthy. Unlimited models of the Sinn 556 I are available from a starting price of just over £800. A used Sinn watch such as the limited edition anniversary model (reference 556.0103) currently costs up to £4,500.

3rd – Sinn 1800 Damascus Ltd

A limited special edition, the Sinn 1800 Damascus is unmistakable. The characteristic texture of the Damascus steel and the breathtaking shape of the watch makes for a unique and innovative design. An organic pattern of alternating light and dark lines adds grace, beauty and depth of character to the Sinn 1800. If you were unable to secure one of the100 limited pieces at the time, you are certain to find what you're looking for in our extensive collection of Sinn pre-owned watches.

Quick and Easy: Sell used Sinn watches with CHRONEXT

At CHRONEXT, not only can you buy, new, vintage and used watches online – or pick them up in person if you wish – but you can also sell Sinn pre-owned watches. We provide full service and take care of the entire sales process. Whether you are interested in a trade-in, commission or direct sale, we will secure you the best possible deal. Interested? Simply fill out our online form or contact our Sales & Service Team by phone, e-mail or live chat. We have many years of experience in the luxury watch sector and are happy to advise you at any time.