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Cartier Panthère

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Cartier Panthère: Models and Prices. New, used, vintage.

Cartier Panthère

Cartier Panthère: The panther is a timeless icon. It is wild and classy creature that perfectly characterises the Panthère watch and jewellery pieces created by the Cartier brand. It comes as no surprise that the Panthère timepieces, in particular, have remained in high demand long after the discontinuance of their production. Furthermore, the wild animal is continuously an inspiration for new and intriguing Cartier watches.

"La Panthère"

Jeanne Toussaint - the legendary Cartier creative director

The history of the Cartier Panthère began with one woman – Jeanne Toussaint. As the story goes, Toussaint, a Parisian style icon, became acquainted with the jeweller Louis Cartier and obtained the nickname of "La Panthère". A successful collaboration developed and the mysterious wildcat began to magnificently shape the future development of Cartier.

Soon after meeting Louis Cartier, Toussaint headed to the Paris-based studio with creative ideas fluttering her mind. She quickly led the company to global success.

In 1914, the wildcat appeared on a Cartier wristwatch for the first time. The stones adorning the Panther symbolise the gleaming fur of a wildcat. Cartier was one of the first jewellers to use platinum in their luxurious creations and was also the first to incorporate a panther motif as a trademark on their exclusive pieces. With a feminine temperament and an avant-garde allure, the Panther has since adorned the luxurious pieces of jewellery and the classic timepieces by Cartier.

Mechanics of Passion

Cartier - driven by creativity for over 150 years

Daring inventiveness and extreme exclusivity characterize the works of the French manufacturer. In 1847 Paris, Louis-François Cartier founded his own company when he took over the workshop of his master, and later supplied the French empress Eugenie with exquisite timepieces. Cartier artefacts were created with a supreme level of craftsmanship and were quickly found appealing amongst the nobility of the time. As a result, Cartier found great success and the company rapidly expanded.

The range of Cartier products extended to include hand-made watches. In 1888, Cartier presented the first wristwatch, which was essentially a recreation of feminine bracelets that incorporated a small clock. Driven by his passion for the art of watchmaking, Louis Cartier completely restructured the DNA of watch design. At the beginning of the 20th century, Cartier led the world of watchmaking in a new direction with the presentation of the first rectangular dial.

The unique design of Cartier timepieces easily attracts influential clientele. The watch designs are classic and, as a result, are passed down from one generation to the next. Every Cartier watch incorporates a long line of tradition and a fascinating historical story.

A golden gem - The divine Cartier Panthère

Just like a real panther, the Cartier Panthère watch collection brought a ferocious sense of drive to the traditional company in the 1980s. Under the new and inventive leadership of Alain-Dominique Perrin, the traditional Parisian firm proposed a new direction in response to the industry crisis of the time and, as a result, a novel and modern timepiece was born. The outer design elements were reminiscent of Cartier Panthère Santos collection but on the inside, however, a modern quartz movement powered the watch. The new Cartier wristwatch quickly found its way onto the wrist of celebrities: Keith Richards, Tina Turner and Pierce Brosnan are all fans of the Cartier Panthère collection.

Under the name Panthère, Cartier has created a range of jewellery and accessory pieces. The eponymous perfume can also be found at the Cartier boutique today. The watch collection is no longer in production, but can still be discovered among vintage timepieces on the second-hand market. The Panthère motif can also be found on other pieces of Cartier women’s watches, men’s watches, and jewellery watches, such as the magnificent Panthère Divine – a timepiece that is studded with luxurious diamonds.

A watch that can only be found second-hand

The vintage world of the Cartier Panthère

The Cartier Panthère (Ref. W25014B9) is unquestionably an iconic timepiece. The unisex luxury watch is comprised of 18-carat yellow gold with a polished bracelet and classy silver dial. Fixing the yellow gold bezel in place are eight golden screws that elegantly bring together the overall design elements of the Panthère. The Cartier quartz movement powers the 27-milimeter watch and simply impresses with flawless precision. Black roman numerals decorate the bright dial, which facilitates in the overall legibility of the watch.

A scratch-resistant sapphire crystal through which a date window can be viewed at 3 o’clock protects the body of the watch. The octagonal crown – which is decorated with a blue sapphire – is another characteristic feature of the Panthère. In addition, the clock is water resistant up to 30 meters and surprises with a concealed folding clasp. Another highlighting feature of the watch is the ability to incorporate an inconspicuous Cartier signature around the 7 or 10 o’clock mark.

Timeless & graceful

The exciting variety of Cartier Panthère watches

In addition to the classic gold Panthère timepiece, Cartier has presented various other popular Panthère models. The Panthère Vendome (e.g. Ref. 1057920) is also powered by a quartz movement and is available in yellow gold or a combination of yellow gold and steel. In contrast to the case of the Panthère, the Panthère Vendome is comprised of a round shape and is well received as a “ladies’' watch.The dial, on the other hand, has the same characteristics of the Panthère and the crown of the watch is adorned with a blue sapphire. At the heart of the Panthère Rondo (e.g. Ref. W35006B6) beats a quartz caliber.The timepiece is ingeniously comprised of a gold steel combination. The familiar circular case measures 33-millimeters. It is satin finished and comes equipped with a sapphire crystal.

The Panthère series is world-renowned. It is known to enchant with timeless grace and a universally charming shape.