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Rolex Batman Watches

2 Products

A combination of classic and sporty: The Rolex Batman

The Rolex Batman (Ref. 116710BLNR) has been part of the Geneva manufacturer’s coveted GMT master series since 2013 and it’s clear to see why with its striking design. The black and blue Cerachrom bezel that this model is named for also gives the Rolex Batman its unique charm. The bezel allows you to easily keep an eye on two time zones: the blue half of the rotating bezel with its 24-hour graduation represents the daytime hours, while the black half symbolises the night. The details of this watch fit together perfectly on the wrist to create an overall sense of elegance and breath-taking harmony; the 24-hour hand of the Rolex Batman is in blue and the "GMT-Master II" lettering is in white.

If you want to buy a Rolex Batman, you can expect to find a waiting list of three to four years in most countries. At CHRONEXT, you can buy a watch without the wait. Browse our online shop where you will discover a fascinating selection of Batman models at attractive prices.

How much does a Rolex Batman cost?

The Rolex Batman is one of the Swiss manufacturer’s most popular watches and is a highly sought-after model for collectors and watch enthusiasts alike. However, demand for these unique models far exceeds supply. As a result, the Rolex Batman price is constantly increasing. Whether buying new or vintage, watches from the GMT-Master II series, especially Batman or Pepsi models, offer the added benefit of enormous value retention.

Smart investment: The Rolex Batman increases in value by 100 percent

In these times of low interest rates and financial recession, luxury watches are a promising alternative to traditional investment practices. If you’re currently looking at watches as an investment, the Rolex Batman GMT-Master II is definitely worthy of consideration. While a new Rolex Batman GMT made of stainless steel may have cost around £6,285 in 2013, the price had risen to about £12,660 by early 2019. This adds up to a record-breaking price increase of over 100 percent in just six years! In particular, the 2019 update led to an enormous increase in prices. Furthermore, since the production of the older model reference number 116710BLNR was discontinued, an end to increasing prices is not yet in sight.

The Rolex Batman 2019 – reference 126710BLNR: in-house calibre 3285 & Jubilee bracelet

A successful model goes on! Following persistent rumours about the Rolex Batman settings, the Geneva-based company presented a new edition of the popular watch at Baselworld 2019. From now on, the 2013 reference number 116710BLNR will be replaced by the new reference number 126710BLNR. In short, the Rolex Batman 2019 is a masterful combination of both technical and optical innovations. Thanks to the powerful 3285 in-house calibre, 126710BLNR models now have a power reserve of around 70 hours compared with the 2013 edition’s 48 hours. The impressive new calibre with its effective Chronergy mechanism vastly improves the overall accuracy of the watch. For example, the gear deviation of the new Rolex Batman 2019 is a maximum of two seconds per day. Plus, since the mechanism consists of a nickel-phosphorus alloy, the model can now defy magnetic fields.

It's all in the detail! While the previous model still featured the three-row Oyster bracelet with polished middle links, the Rolex Batman watch has been adorned with the five-row Jubilee bracelet since 2019. The optical update equips the classic sporty watch with fine details without appearing overloaded.

Certified authenticity & quality at CHRONEXT

In order to secure the best deal for a Rolex Batman and avoid long waiting times, it is well worth looking at the used market for luxury watches. At CHRONEXT you will find a large selection of Rolex Certified Pre-Owned models. Every watch is checked in our in-house master workshop. Learn more about the process at CHRONEXT: