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Rolex Pepsi

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A dream in blue & red: The Rolex Pepsi watch

The GMT-Master, I and II by Rolex, are amid the masterworks of the Geneva Manufacturer and feature the striking red-blue bezel that has attained cult prestige from 1950. More famously known as "Rolex Pepsi", the renowned model with the practical bezel has earned a reputation for itself plus is the ideal wrist companion for frequent business travellers owing to its time zone displays.

Manufacturer quality, great value, and several time zones offer the Rolex Pepsi its exceptional attractiveness and make the watch an extremely lucrative model on the watch marketplace. For those who would like to purchase it, the Rolex Pepsi waiting list takes well over a decade. Nonetheless, we got you covered: In our e-commerce store, you can instantly find obtainable models of the Rolex Pepsi at affordable prices.

A watch for all: The Rolex Pepsi 2018 unique features

Rolex introduced an exciting addition to the Pepsi variety at Baselworld 2018 and manufactured a novel edition of the GMT II in stainless steel. With this novelty, the sought-after Rolex Pepsi is currently obtainable at comparatively low rates. Though the forerunners are made from white gold and are consequently four times pricier, the cost of the Rolex Pepsi 2018 is at the lower section.

Besides, the stainless steel model is only obtainable with the globally-reputed Jubilée bracelet to differentiate it more noticeably from the white gold types of the Rolex Pepsi. On account of the strap lugs, it isn't conceivable to fasten an Oyster bracelet to the steel edition of a Rolex Pepsi, hence eradicating the likelihood of a mix-up.

Bakelite, ceramics, and Cerachrome: the sensational account of the Rolex Pepsi bezel

The fantastic history of the red-blue bezel of the Rolex Pepsi began in 1954 with the reference 6542 – the initial GMT Master. Identified at the time as the "Pussy Galore", the Rolex Pepsi bezel was manufactured from Bakelite and layered with radium. Though, the material Bakelite attested to be delicate and was substituted by Aluminium two years later. The radium sealing was as well stopped so that the bezel no longer shone during the night and made it problematic to read it effortlessly at whichever time of day.

Between 1959 and 1980, the references 1675, 16750, and 16700 got inaugurated on the market and assisted the Rolex Pepsi bezel in realising its present popularity. The distinctive red and blue bezel colours are said to denote the carrier Pan American Airways (Pan Am), for whom Rolex fashioned the renowned watch with a second-time zone during the early 1950s. In the meantime, there are assumptions that the colours blue and red could represent the various times of the day.

In 2007, Rolex swapped to the employment of ceramics in the manufacture of its watches. Though, the switch from Aluminium to ceramic bezels implied that the making of the well-known Rolex Pepsi took a back seat for several years. The model's demand continued to be on the rise, and Rolex would perhaps not be Rolex if the company had not come up with a solution to the preliminary problem. Indeed, when utilising ceramics, it became apparent that light colours burn owing to the exceedingly high temperatures in the sintering procedure.

In 2013, the Geneva-based firm had a turning point, and the widely held Rolex Pepsi was revived. With the BLNR, Rolex was able to make a two-tone ceramic bezel – in large quantities. So the business got the scratch-resistant Cerachrome bezel patented in a little while, and henceforth it will make variants of the Rolex Pepsi. The colours do not fade away even under UV light owing to the ground-breaking Cerachrome bezel. Additionally, the exterior of the bezel is diamond refined; for an assured sparkle, the 24-hour Graduations are covered with a thin platinum coating. Effortless readability is likewise guaranteed at night because of the usage of Chromalight, like the situation in the early 1950s.

Warranted genuineness and excellence at CHRONEXT

We at CHRONEXT are the ideal contact for you if you are keen on buying a new Rolex Pepsi or a Rolex Pepsi vintage. We can provide you wide-ranging help due to our numerous years of experience plus the professionals employed at our company.