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Rolex Vintage Watches

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Vintage fascination: why we love Vintage Rolex watches

Whether captivating history, famous wearers or low production numbers: Rolex vintage watches from past decades are real contemporary witnesses. Rolex fascinates watch-lovers and collectors with its nostalgic charm. Anyone who owns a Rolex Vintage proves displays distinctive style and appreciates legendary, timeless design. But it's not just the emotional value that makes a Rolex Vintage watch very special. Vintage watches are more in demand today than ever and are proving to be a lucrative investment. Many models from the Geneva manufactory have increased in value over the years, and Vintage Rolex watches, in particular, have been achieving top prices on the market for decades. With a vintage Rolex, you make a smart investment not only in times of financial repression. On the contrary, many of the Swiss company's models are icons that are known worldwide and waiting times are long.

The most coveted vintage models from Rolex at CHRONEXT

The waiting lists of brand-new Rolex models can last a whole decade. The vintage Rolex models are also in high demand among avowed watch enthusiasts and collectors. The Rolex Vintage watch has been a worthwhile investment since the 1990s at the latest: prices rose rapidly almost overnight and for the first time reached higher amounts than brand-new watches. Rolex Vintage series such as the Rolex Datejust, Daytona, Explorer, GMT-Master, Sea-Dweller and Submariner are particularly popular. Depending on the reference, the vintage Rolex models have a promising potential for appreciation. From the Oysterdate Precision to the coveted Cosmograph Daytona: in our online shop you will find a unique selection of Rolex vintage watches. You can buy a vintage Rolex watch of your choice at a competitive price.

When is a Rolex Vintage?

Basically, there is no clear definition of when a watch is vintage. Nevertheless, the time factor plays a significant role in narrowing down a vintage Rolex for many specialists. The age of a model, therefore, guides many watch enthusiasts: if a watch is older than 30 years, it is a vintage Rolex. Watch expert Robert-Jan Broer, founder of Fratello watches and contributing author at Watchtime, also defines vintage using the year of production: For him, it is a Rolex Vintage watch if it was produced by latest 1990.

What should you watch out for when buying a Rolex Vintage watch?

1) Trusted dealers

The fascinating world of fine timepieces is vast. Therefore, a certain degree of caution is required when buying luxury watches online. However, you can easily avoid the risk of replicas and fakes by contacting trusted dealers like CHRONEXT. Our team consists of watch lovers and specialists worldwide. Through our many years of experience and our know-how in the trade with luxury watches, we assure you the authenticity and quality of your purchased vintage Rolex.

2) Original condition

Whether fading or patina: collectors particularly reward the original condition of a vintage Rolex. For most, it is thus less important whether the Rolex Vintage watch chosen is in pristine condition. The question of whether individual parts such as the Rolex vintage dials, hands and crown had to be replaced over the years during a revision is much more enjoyable. The installation of spare parts makes the Rolex Vintage shine in new splendour, but it significantly reduces the value of the model.

3) Nice to have: watch box & manufacturer papers

If, in addition to a watch, Rolex vintage box and manufacturer papers are on sale after more than 30 years, this affects the price of the model. Conversely, this does not mean that you have to avoid vintage watches without papers and boxes. The lack of documents is often understandable – especially with a vintage Rolex that is several decades old. To guarantee the authenticity and quality of the timepiece, our certified watchmakers work every day in the in-house CHRONEXT master workshop with extremely high-quality standards.

Shop and experience incredible Rolex vintage service at CHRONEXT. We offer stylish Vintage and Certified Pre-owned watches. Need a fashionable watch? Buy a vintage Rolex and enjoy elegance as well as durability.